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    Had the chance to meet with 2 lovely ladies

    I started off my day yesterday trying to see miss Kaysee. I had seen some bad reviews on here about her but I thought I would try and see for myself maybe I would get lucky LOL well I called twice she answered the second time told me where to come as to call once I got there. I got there and called and she went totally silent. I know we all have had this problem a lot I HATE IT! So I sat there debating on looking for someone else or just heading home. I went back on the page and seen Kelly also was posted in powdersville I gave her a call she told me where to go and it was exactly where I was at I told her I was already there that someone had stood me up that was also in the same area. Our date went very well she is VERY shy but also very sweet she's absolutely pretty looks like a girl that wouldn't be in this type of business. I will repeat.

    This morning I decided to call Madison. I like white girls a little on the thicker side not skin and bones. She was just like her pictures really sweet. She got the job done and made sure I was happy! I will repeat with her also.αlε-brunette-will-make-your-toes-curl-what-you've-been-m /11238967.

    For more info on these girls feel free to PM.

    Stay safe!

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    Legit. Had a good time. Effort put in! Would repeat.


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    Scorpion Bree

    To prevent confusion, the one with the Scorpion is not the same Bree as this other one. I've only seen the Scorpion. Who has usual did a great job again today!

    Her location DID indeed improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viking22  [View Original Post]
    I haven't tried the duo. I have had a one on one with her. Amazing BBBJ. Very accommodating. But I see where she may not be available for a while. She was picked today for an offense. Her pic isn't available just yet. You can use the Facebook number search to get her real name. I don't want to get I trouble for giving out her info.
    Man, you weren't lying. Amazing mouth skills for sure. Best BBBJ I've had. She was picked up but not for the hobby. She's safe.

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    Attempted to see this Asian beauty tonignt but when I arrived in the area she wouldn't answer.

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    See her adds all the time but nobody really reports on her. Seems open about her drug use but most girls on BP probably do it to just wondering.

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    Candy / Reign.

    Quote Originally Posted by Viking22  [View Original Post]

    Tried to meet up with her and my spider sense got to tingling. Think she may be working with the cops.

    Looks like a couple of ladies are using that account. I have seen Reign for a very uninspiring, no energy session. I would not see her again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MooglePop  [View Original Post]

    Has anyone spent some time with Anna? I have seen her post for a while and was finally thinking of making the jump.
    She's been reviewed. Search this thread for her name.

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    Has anyone spent some time with Anna? I have seen her post for a while and was finally thinking of making the jump.

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    Using the ancient art of google-fu I found other ads and a number. She's been around a while. So someone must have experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffMcg  [View Original Post]
    I saw her post this morning and was interested but she didn't include a phone number or an email address. Somebody is flunking "Marketing 101".


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    Chelsea Turner

    Hey All,

    Finally saw Chelsea the other day. Had been eyeing her up since she started last year, but decided not to after all the drama reported about her. With all the reviews on the other board I decided to give her a go. I had an easy time contacting her through both text and email. The pics of her are spot on and she's got a nice slim body (without being too skinny) and gives a great GFE session. She's on the expensive side, but if you've got the funds I'd recommend based on my experience with her. She aims to please and really puts in the effort to get the job done.

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    Missing info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zauriel  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have experience with this MILF? Looks yummy to me.
    I saw her post this morning and was interested but she didn't include a phone number or an email address. Somebody is flunking "Marketing 101".


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    Maliza pt 2

    Found in the Greensboro thread. Wow.

    Quote Originally Posted by TinyBalls  [View Original Post]
    Emily is working with Maliza now out of the Red Roof using a man to get plays. Candize is staying with LEO for a while as the other two try to make money to buy Candize back from LEO.

    Both girls have called me trying to get me to dream but last time I saw Emily she had sores all over her face and her eyes were set way back. She scared me in ways that made me think seriously about antibiotics. Maliza is nothing but skin pulled over bone with no meat at all.

    Neither has a working phone and must use a text app with Wi-Fi when they can find it so getting in touch with either can be hard at times.

    A couple of days ago Maliza was doing plays in cars in the old Shoney's parking lot in the evenings because they couldn't pay for their room. I got them a room to keep them from getting busted and this was a mistake as they kept charging it to my card for the next two days until I stopped it.

    Emily and Candize was sleeping in the car until LEO gave them a bed to sleep in but Emily wanted another bed so she moved but I will cost Candize twice as much to move so she is still staying with LEO.

    All three of these girls have demons that keep them pulled down. They feed these demons which take all their money and therefore they can't afford anything but demon food and not the necessities of life. I would be afraid to do anything with either one of them even with a rain coat on. I have seen some of their clients of late and I promise they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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    Had real interest in this one. Unfortunately she posted an ad in Greensboro about 10 m after this one.

    Half a dozen girls posting this number as well. Oh well. Stay safe guys.

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    [Arrest/Conviction/Incarceration/Release Report deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it was a report regarding an individual who was arrested / charged / awaiting trial / convicted / awaiting sentencing / incarcerated / released / on probation for engaging in commercial sex activities or any other non-violent crime.

    I want to say this carefully so no one gets the wrong idea: Posting the names, mugshots, case status, incarceration status and/or the release dates of people who have been arrested for engaging in commercial sex activities is really just helping the police in their efforts to embarrass these people.

    Since this website is all about assisting people in obtaining commercial sex services, we don't want to add to the problems of the unfortunate people who have been arrested by publishing their names, mugshots, case status, incarceration status, or release dates.


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