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    Quote Originally Posted by LouStephan69  [View Original Post]
    I have seen Krissy before not a bad deal. Has anyone seen Savannah, her new friend? Seems they are working together based off the 4 hand special they are offering.
    Saw Savannah today. Cute and petite. In Blaine, TN NOW. She is no longer with Chrissy. Okay massage and nothing offered. Said she doesn't even do the BO posting. Handled by someone else as well as all the responses from email (LEO check). Nothing offered unless you upgrade. In a really run down house on Rutledge. But she is a sweet girl. That was about it. Won't repeat for her price.

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    Little red riding.

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    1st Post. Long time lurker. Dreamed of Ally two weeks ago. Afternoon dream. Apartment. A little warm but not too bad. Checked each other out. Got comfortable. Add says thick. That might not be accurate. More womanly voluptuous than just simply "thick. " Curves were good. She's mid height. Skin soft. On my first meetings I go for 30 just because of the excitement and nerves level. She has a pleasing face and soothing personality. CBJ. Cowgirl. Would I repeat? Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AsiansBoy  [View Original Post] Does anybody have any experience with this one, I call and set up time and when it's time to see her I texted her no answer, pics look good.
    I had the same problem so I really don't know what to think. This happens sometimes and I am having a hard time finding reliable providers. Even some of the so called reliable ladies will not answer the phone and return calls many hours later. Sometimes I don't have a lot of time to play so when I set something up and then get there and they won't answer the phone very frustrating. Sorry to ramble but yes this one did the same thing to me. Happy Hunting.

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    Chasity Does anybody have any experience with this one, I call and set up time and when it's time to see her I texted her no answer, pics look good.

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    Good memorial day.

    Haven't been hobbying much recently and decided to see what was out there. Made some calls to old favorites but not a single one was available except one. Bentley responded back fairly quickly and had a time set. She has an incall in West Knox. I was glad to have the extra room to partake of her. Arrived and she answers with a huge smile and a kiss. Seems the vacation to Florida did her some good. She seemed like the old Bentley that first arrived a year ago. Dream was a great way for this old veteran to celebrate Memorial day. You Vets and heck even non Vets should check her out. Contact info is number that ends in 3999. Trusted members that need contact info PM me.

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    I luv truckers

    I had a dream I was texting her around 8 am then I call when I got close to her house nice girl and shower fresh the dream began with LEO check then started with lite massage then flipped over an more massage with a CBJ to cowgirl then after 3 to 5 min her legs got tired so swapped to k-9 till finish probably won't repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Srgnt548  [View Original Post]

    I took a nap and dreamt about Amber the other night. I called and she answered and told me where to go. We text back and forth until I showed up. Went to the door and knocked but no answer. By the time I got back to my car, she text and said she went down stairs and we just passed each other. Normally I would have just left but none of me regulars were answering so I went back. Her pictures might me a bit old but no bad looking. We sat down and talked for a bit. She told me that she did that to see if LEO was around, especially after recent events. When we both proved we were legit, she offered me a raincoat but told me I didn't have to wear it if I didn't want to. I always wear a raincoat so I grabbed it and put it on after the BBBJ. She talked pretty good into my mic, all the way down. The rest of the dream was pretty good too, CG, K9, then finished with mish. She acted like she was really enjoying herself, and the wet spot proved she did at least once. All in all, not too bad of a dream, a bit rushed but not too bad. I would dream of her again but only as a last resort.
    I saw this one to a bit ago and got the same treatment. Went to see her at a hotel in W K-ville. Went to the door and knocked but no one answered so I went back downstairs. As I was getting to my car, she text me and said the same thing, she just missed me for me to come back up. Went back and she was not the one in the pics, unless she died her hair blonde and got a few tattoos. She was real figidy, like she might be on something but I did not see any signs of anything, just her actions made me wonder. Said things were $. 5 for half and $$ for whole. Also offered a cover but said I didn't have to use it. If I didn't expect and "usage", I would have taken her up on the offer. Decided to stay for an hour. Before we started, I asked her preferences and she said she was down for anything at all. BBBJ was pretty good then CG, K-9, and mish. During the dream, I tried to speak a little Greek to her and she said that was and extra 50. When we woke up from our nap, she started counting and talking like she was ready for me to leave. When I left, I passed a guy who looked and snickered, might be with her but didn't know. I'm sure not to repeat, only if I get really hard up.

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    Saw this one recently. Reminded me of someone I used to know. The review. Pics are fairly recent, body is someone who was larger and has lost a lotta weight, kinda saggy if you know what I mean. A bit talkative and not a regular provider. BBBJ was ok, said a cover was optional for FS, chose cover anyway. FS was just ok. Doggy, cowgirl to mish to finish. This kitty anit tight. Nothing great, but ok when nothing else is available. Lotsa traffic around and in apt. Got there was only her and kid. By the time we done the apt was FULLA people. Said they were family and in laws. Don't think I'll be going back.

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    CJ is legit

    CJ is legit. Hound, I saw her. Nice girl. Starts with. Massage. Has a pretty landing strip. Doe sent seem fucked up. Very good experience.

    Quote Originally Posted by GimpedChef  [View Original Post]
    I finally found a lady I could not resist seeing. Her name is CJ. I was an absolute wreck leading up to meeting her. She will have been my first. She greeted me with a hug and a kiss. We proceeded to talk for a while and she easily put me at my calm. She then helped me to the bed, I am in a wheelchair, took my shirt off and lied me down on my stomach and gave me a wonderful massage. She continued to relax me. She is nothing like I expected. She is so incredibly sweet, kind and attentive. She made it all about me. Once she had me totally relaxed and putty in her hands, she molded me into stone. Starting with a BBBJ. Cover on then cowgirl. She has the most incredible body I have ever had the privilege to see and touch. And more so a personality ten times more beautiful. If you get a chance to see her, do so. And take really good care of her. If I could I would take her home and worship her at her feet. But alas I can not. Though guys, she may need a day or two in order to recover. . Oh thank goodness for wishful thinking.

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    Coming Soon?

    Just seen this ad and the girl in the pics and video is very sexy. If anyone has any info or decides to take the plunge, please report. I may have to just go for it when I get off work this evening. Damn! She would appeal to those who found Jinx attractive.

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    There are a few things. Use the search, right side toward top, and put her name in and go from there. Good Luck.

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    Juicy got squeezed

    Quote Originally Posted by YoungBlood1  [View Original Post]
    Built like a sack of potatoes with mediocre skills in super crappy apartments. Avoid.
    Amidst all the big news last week with the preacher's arrest, she was among the 5 females picked up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BustyLover  [View Original Post]
    Built like a sack of potatoes with mediocre skills in super crappy apartments. Avoid.

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