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    Just a couple of honest mistakes

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyGoingKnox  [View Original Post]
    Doesn't have same number.
    Quote Originally Posted by ANiceGuy  [View Original Post]
    Be careful out there mongers!!
    ANiceGuy just grabbed the wrong post from ChampagneDaddy (he posted twice in a row). Here is the post from ChampagneDaddy that he should have quoted.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChampagneDaddy  [View Original Post]
    The girls are definitely the same, same pics, same number.

    BUT. The post from DC was yesterday. The linked post from Champagne Daddy was here in Knoxville, but almost two weeks ago.

    Looks like a case of a traveling provider that has simply left town.

    Searching her number on several sites confirms this. Works mostly around DC, but visited Knoxville mid-March and no ads in DC then. Also has a review on a reputable site.

    Just my opinion.

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    Be careful

    She only does incalls which are in Austin Homes and she has a criminal history. No doubt the body looks very nice but she has 2 cases on her 1 aggravated assault and the other is for assault of kpd officer back in 10/16.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChampagneDaddy  [View Original Post]
    She looks thick in all the right places maybe will toftt if it's not too sketchy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChampagneDaddy  [View Original Post]
    She looks thick in all the right places maybe will toftt if it's not too sketchy
    If you do, let us know. Looks fun.

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    Not same?

    Quote Originally Posted by ANiceGuy  [View Original Post]
    Be careful out there mongers!!
    Doesn't have same number.

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    Looks like she has a clone posting in Washington DC today also

    Quote Originally Posted by ChampagneDaddy  [View Original Post]
    She looks thick in all the right places maybe will toftt if it's not too sketchy
    Be careful out there mongers!!

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    Thinking about pulling the trigger

    She looks thick in all the right places maybe will toftt if it's not too sketchy

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    Spooky Eyes

    Anyone know the provider I'm speaking of. She has scary spooky eyes and its scares the bejesus out of me that I won't see her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoostedR33  [View Original Post]
    I don't know about the little spinner, but that other girl with her is bad news. That's our resident DOJ ankle bracelet girl that posts 100 ads a day looking for a sugar daddy. Gave her infant daughter a lethal dose of drugs!
    Sure did. Killed that baby! Don't know how she ever got away with that! Her bf, she claims to not have, is always lurking. Tries to rob you and also collects tag info for blackmail. Just garbage. Plain and simple. That poor baby. Should have been mommy dead instead of the baby. The world would be better off.

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    Dreamed of Sammie for the second time this past weekend. The first time I dreamed of her was a very pleasant experience. Although she is a beautiful lady her attitude really sucked the 2nd dream. Incall location was clean. She strongly stated that she will only see people for $.50 minimum now. I felt rushed the whole time and probably will not repeat due to her attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rrayr  [View Original Post]
    Had a dream with this thin tiny spinner tonight. She had ads on BP last year.Dreamed of her before in early 2016 and mid spring. She might not be everyone's cup o tea. Very thin. 80 lbs. Soaking wet. 5'3".

    No BBBJ. Started with DATY, K-9 then mish. Seemed to enjoy it. Moaned and groans. She's trying to stay extremely UTR.

    I'll only share with Grandpa's that I know and trust.

    Drink and be gone.
    I also remember seeing this girl one time. She doesn't like to do BBBJ but I got her to do it for a little bit. She is extremely tiny though and her incall location at the time had several pets and there was a very bad pet odor in the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmanToy  [View Original Post]
    LOL Hard to read between the lines on that one cause there are no lines.

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    [Arrest/Conviction/Incarceration/Release Report deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it was a report regarding an individual who was arrested / charged / awaiting trial / convicted / awaiting sentencing / incarcerated / released / on probation for engaging in commercial sex activities or any other non-violent crime.

    I want to say this carefully so no one gets the wrong idea: Posting the names, mugshots, case status, incarceration status and/or the release dates of people who have been arrested for engaging in commercial sex activities is really just helping the police in their efforts to embarrass these people.

    Since this website is all about assisting people in obtaining commercial sex services, we don't want to add to the problems of the unfortunate people who have been arrested by publishing their names, mugshots, case status, incarceration status, or release dates.


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    Had a dream Chloe. Soo the dream pretty much sucked. Initially I was hoping to dream of Miss Chris, however set up screening and such just weren't working in my favor. So ran across Chloe. Set up was easy enough. 3 text and 10 minutes later and I was at her low end motel. Upon arrival at the motel I see her group of roommates leaving the room I was given. Get to the room and she's pleasant enough. Went for a qv for. 6. She's the young lady in the photos and they are pretty spot on however there is a reason she never smiles in her photos. Her teeth are kinda jacked. Anyhow I didn't actually notice that till all was said and done. So BBBJ to start. Wasn't bad at all. I played with her kitten as she bobbed along. Didn't want to finish there so I ask if I could taste her. She was like no not the first time we meet. Ok no biggy right so I ask if she's ready for the main event and she's like yup. And she proceeds to get on all fours with her ass just right at the edge of the bed. Looked pretty darn nice too. So I'm standing behind her with my johnson in hand looking at a nice kitty in front of me, in my younger stupid days I would just dove right in but being older wiser and just not being an idiot I politely inform her that she never applied a hat. At first she acted surprised and asked if I had brought one (actually had one in the car). She said she doesn't normally do BBFS but she'd do it this time. Nope I'll pass. So she was like hold on and calls another provider she said was downstairs or something. Asks her if she has any. No on the hats so I end up getting a. 6 BBBJ. Of which I coulda got for. 2 from a SW. But anyhow YMMV. Will not repeat.

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    Anyone know Jade / Sexy Red Head?

    Sure looks fantastic, has anyone seen this young lady yet?

    Texting seems legit but she didn't know what I meant when I said LEO. Said she thought she had some reviews on here but I couldn't find them. I used the number in the ad as well as an old number she said she used to use but nothing. She mentioned that she might be known as Sexy Red Head or possibly Jade.
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