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    AMPs, the gateway to this forum

    Started out with the AMPs and quickly moved up to this forum. I'm looking to get my feet wet but a bit hesitant. I've been looking at Bridgett in NoVa because of her likeness to J-Law. Anyone have feedback on her?

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    Bangin body but sad time

    I dreamed I went to see her in Tysons a few days ago. Damage was $. 20/ hhr. The pics are accurate. She was really friendly when I got to the room so I thought I would have a great time. She did a CB for about 2. 5 seconds then asked what position I wanted. I picked doggy. I've only been going for about a minute and she's asking if I'm going to cum. She's trying to sound seductive but I know she just wants me gone. She keeps asking me if I'm going to cum and I end up getting soft. I ask for a HJ but she says she doesn't do anything without a condom at the one I have on is the last one. I'm pretty much completely soft at this point so I just left. Definitely wouldn't repeat but YMMV. She said she was leaving Sunday.

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    Bonita's OCD leads to frequent rule changes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mongeroose  [View Original Post]
    No luck booking a provider this week, but got some scheduling info from three of them. First, Bonita.

    Only wants you to call when you are 30 minutes away from Springfield Mall area. Also stated she requires minimum full hour massage for clients 5'7" and taller. She asks which ad title you are calling about to determine whether you are interested in Body Rub or Escort services.
    The list of procedural requirements and hoops to jump through keeps getting longer.

    She doesn't touch various body parts usually included in any massage, she has to be on this side facing that direction, etc.

    I'd seen her a number of times in the past for FS and massage, but when I've tried seeing her over the past few years (as a last ditch after other options failed), the process to even schedule with her has become impossible.

    She only schedules appointments a random amount of time in advance, and asks about height and weight because she now has a sliding scale of fees based on whether she's washing and waxing a passenger car or a large van. She probably has to touch all 462 bars of soap, towels, paper plates and cups, and bags of junk in the room three times in the correct order before she can look at her schedule to answer the simple question of "what time can I see you?

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    Scheduling Tips

    No luck booking a provider this week, but got some scheduling info from three of them. First, Bonita.

    Only wants you to call when you are 30 minutes away from Springfield Mall area. Also stated she requires minimum full hour massage for clients 5'7" and taller. She asks which ad title you are calling about to determine whether you are interested in Body Rub or Escort services.

    Next, Tati (Tatiana?

    Recommended calling before 11:30 AM for same weekday afternoon appointments as her regulars keep her busy.

    Last, Nyomi's on vacation through July 4th weekend.

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    Too Vanilla

    Some strange reason I settled on this ad / person. I want to start at the end then detail my experience-.

    Understand this was my first time and I probably did everything wrong like an idiot. Ultimately, this was a vanilla experience other then the boring HE at the end. I left with a hug. I am not planning to go back to this person not because I did not get a good service but I could get past the fact how much she talked about how much money she had and needing to move to a safe bank, her mission to get married to she does not lose her VISA status, her VISA expiring, going to the gym 3 times a day, and buying a 10000 dollar Phillip Patek watch. After reading the other positive member experiences I probably made her nervous and did not give her a good tip. (I think I was using the restaurant tipping scale).

    I got to the high rise apartment she guided me over the phone to her place. I did not know what to expect. Once she open the door she was dressed in some exercise clothes- tank top and tight shorts. She said hi but also immediately noticed that looked nervous. I provided a small tip with the fee and left it on the table. She asked me to undress, I complied and took my position on her massage table. I was very cautious but once she began my worries slowly dissipated. I did not get her name and have deleted the text message where she gave it to me. She started from the top down and did not even get close to the jewels. On the flip it was the same thing. She started making small chat and circling her hand around and "accidentally" grazing my softness. I did not get hard the entire time and she never helped. Mind you I also never gave her any instructions to her. After a few minutes she asked if I wanted a HE and after the affirmation he went to work. She lubed up and started to beat me very fast until the end. Again I never got fully hard during the entire time. During the entire time I was on naked on the table looking up to her talking while she just leaned on the wall next to me.

    She only similar to possibly one of the pictures in her advertisement and really did not resemble any of them. She told me she was 25/27 and Thai.

    Not sure if others are candid about their views but I am not looking for intercourse or anal. But interested in exploring the other options.

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    35 year old Asian in Cville

    I know she's been reviewed before, but just to chime in on my own experience since I'm a little more critical of my time and money. She is absolutely worth your time and I would consider repeatable for my standards. She's an attractive 30 some with an ample physique. BBBJ, all positions and she's a pleaser, clean and smells good. Doesn't speak a lick of english though so as usual the arrangment is done with the same mamasan on the phone. The pictures are accurate and is atleast from the two times I've seen her wearing the same out fit with the red / white dress. 4/5 rating for me, solid choice.

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    Need more info than She and This One

    Quote Originally Posted by Jones73  [View Original Post]

    She is petite and young. A cups. Nice body. She provides a good SS. She will play with her phone during the session, which is a bummer, but I did not let it bother me.

    Shares a room with this one:
    "Her," "She," "This One," etc end up being meaningless when the ads expire, which both already have. Names are helpful, as are secondary links to sites that aggregate ads by number.

    It appears you saw Monse, who has a review on the oThER board, and has advertised under many numbers.

    She shares the room with Jasmine.

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    Thai mimi

    Ok; once again my conundrum about where to post massage therapists (body rub) that do post on BP. So I choose this forum.

    First of all I am not sure that the pic is her but she is much cuter so it really doesn't matter (very cute). Nice body; probably 5' 2" 110 lbs (that is just my estimate and I am not always spot on but she is a nice spinner size) She asked me if I had been there and I said yes I had been to those buildings. The massage was not nearly as therapeutic as Tara or Nikki; it was more sensual but she did try and I think could be encouraged to be a little more strenuous. She did the feet and then spent a long time on the legs but never really teased even though I kept expecting it. She moved to the back, neck, arms and did put a little more pressure into it which I do like. She used hot towels to massage the shoulders and then scrubbed everywhere she had massaged and even though I was ok with the lotion she used; she did make sure to get it all off. On the flip she massaged my shoulders and then with more sensuality rubbed my chest and then pointed at my manhood and asked if I wanted that massaged. After the affirmative she played with it for a while and then got the lotion and proceeded to give a very nice release massage. Now I was roaming and she was allowing it so I asked to see what was underneath. She wanted to first verify that I would take care of her and after another affirmative the top went up and all I can say is wow. Very nice small cups (just a little more than a handful and perfect nipples. She seemed to enjoy me playing with her nipples and she took her time on the release with a nice level of sensuality. I did tip but I really did not consider it an upsell; it was more that she was just verifying and I usually tip when I am pleased with the overall session. She is in the same complex as Tara and Nikki and the damage is the typical amount for these rubs.

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    Latinas in Alexandria

    She is petite and young. A cups. Nice body. She provides a good SS. She will play with her phone during the session, which is a bummer, but I did not let it bother me.

    Shares a room with this one:

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    Black girl in Alexandria

    I'm ready to please your needs and give you the satisfaction that you need so come see me today $65/30 minutes.

    I like this one. She is not a clock watcher, and provides a good service. Pics are real. She is in her mid 20's. Not very attractive. Not a hard body, but she has a decent enough body. Plays safe.

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    Mexican in Alexandria

    Pretty Mexican visiting the area, when you feel tired and need a relaxing massage, do not hesitate to call 571 xxx0897. You will not regret and will always come back for more.

    I went to see this one after agreeing to a SS for $0. 6. However, when I got to her location, I got delays upon delays. I left, then she called, so I went back. After an hour of getting the run around, I finally left for good.

    I read a review on the oThER site that said that once you get in the room, she only offers a massage.

    Total waste of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomMcAn  [View Original Post]
    One recent evening I decided to try and see if I could find some stress relief. It was already fairly late and several providers didn't answer their phones; perhaps they were done for the day and resting up. A couple of other providers quoted a price of admission which was too steep for a typical BP provider. Yet another sent me a couple of flaky text messages which left me scratching my head in disbelief; at least she saved me from wasting my money on her. In some desperation I finally contacted one of the "older Asian" ads and the scheduler said to come on over. I went to a different extended stay hotel from the one I previously visited.

    The provider who greeted me was fairly decent-looking for a 40-something. She helped me undress and invited me to lay down on the bed for a massage. The massage lasted longer than I expected. At times she used her arm and elbow to massage me. This was OK on my back but didn't feel too good on my legs. She kept sniffling during the massage. I asked her if she was OK and she said she had a cold. After the flip the provider alternated between typical massage activities and more sensual touches; thankfully she was no longer using the arm-and-elbow technique. Roaming was not only allowed but encouraged; I enjoyed fondling her natural C-cups as well as other areas. However, I avoided kissing her due to her cold. She then proceeded to other activities I won't describe in detail for the sake of discretion. In light of recent discussions on the topic, I will mention that I was suited with a party hat appropriate for the occasion.

    Overall I would say this was a better outing than my previous two visits with the "older Asian" outfit, but it still left something to be desired. One mistake I made was paying for an hour's session; I was out the door in about 45 minutes. I wish I'd brought a Hamilton with me so I could have paid for a half-hour session without asking for change. Damage was $. 6 for the 45-minute hour; a half hour is $. 3.

    Seniors, along with regulars who are solid contributors, are welcome to PM me for additional details or the provider's name.
    I wish I'd known which lady this was before visiting her today and like you I should have made the appt. For half an hour. The constant sniffling definitely was a problem, but she told me no cold, allergies. There were portions of the session that she excelled in and I did very much enjoy. But overall, not sure if I would repeat due to the allergies or cold.

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    Similar Experience w / some Differences

    Quote Originally Posted by Horton1  [View Original Post]
    Made a recent trip to Centreville and met up with Stacy, a cute MILF-why asian in her early 40's staying at a mid-level hotel. She's attractive but not quite spinner material, with a little chub on the sides but nothing worth complaining about. Fairly standard 3-call / text system, although you have to go through a handler (the mama-san) to get the room number, which was annoying because a communication breakdown between Stacy and her handler left me spinning my wheels for a good 40 minutes. Stacy made up for it when I got to the room with a surprisingly good massage (usually, hotel girls merely go through the motions) that was among the more vigorous I've had. A nice ST and flip led to covered mish and a combination BBBJ / HE / DATY for the finish. She even supplied mouthwash and a microwave-heated towel after, which were nice touches and show she's worked at AMPs before. Total damage for 60 (which I was shorted on by about 10 minutes) was $. 6. Despite some of the problems, I would return, her BBBJ skills and the price more than make up for them.
    Took the trip based on reviews. No mona-san to go through and hotel is fine. Great personality and safe. Value for an hour fantastic. Got right to business with no massage and din't get the hot towel in the end. Close to GFE with lots of kissing. Went to DATY and wasn't exactly the best smell / taste, so just settled for multiples positions. Breasts were nice, but sagging a bit (she is a bit older, so expected). Made up for it as she gets into it, non rushed, clean, safe. Worth repeating for the money.

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    Joyce. Nice dream

    Had a nice dream with a nice petite Asian girl, Joyce. It seems she is reviewed here as an escort and on the Backpage reviews so I will post this on both.

    For me she was perfect. Several reviews said she was funny about cleanliness and did a sniff test among other things. I actually liked her concern for herself and for others. SAFE is my motto, otherwise for me it is not worth the risk.

    First, she is cute as a button, smooth tight skin, tight squeezable bun, nice breasts and a wonderful magnetic smile. She likes what she does and it shows. No real drama or bad habits. She does not like CIM and if asked, "what do you like best and that turns you on. ?" She sais "To Fuck".

    She visits town each month for 2-3 weeks around the and. VA area, and has for a while. I think she must have a bunch of regulars, because she is worth it. She is friendly, GFE to me and as I said, a killer smile. I am not a Wham Bam type of guy, sort of a romantic that likes and respects women and she provided a nice girl friend type of cuddling with enjoyable sexplay for an hour at 1. 6.

    Definite repeat for me. She is safe and professional without drama, my type and cute as a button. I liked and respected her. Great attitude. Lovely date. Treat her very nice. A jewel.

    Happy Guy 2.

    Her number starts with 646- and is well reviewed.

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    What was your old profile name?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gradebeam77  [View Original Post]

    I'm not new here just been 2+yrs since I logged in and had to create a new profile. I'm just trying to play my part as monger to let everyone know of a supreme diamond in rough.

    I had this dream of a girl in Tysons, she was very txt friendly and spoke nice on the phone. Opened the door and had that wonderful ganja scent. Just about everything was on the menu. What wasnt: fiv / fia / cim / greek. Yup, that means the favorited BBBJ is avail. She used to work under a diff name back out in CA but looking for new reviews. I told her I'd help her out with this place and the oThER site. Her ass is superb. She teaches zumba back home and has a great DDD natural rack.

    Forplay is her favorite and she tasted great. Cool chick to talk to.

    Damage was $. 50/ hhr. Oh and she leaves Fri the 24th.
    Should still be searchable so that will help establish a little cred since this is your very first post under your current name.

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