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    Quote Originally Posted by StatesVille333  [View Original Post]
    Good news IF the ad is true!! Erin, one of the biggest rip-offs around here the last year or two claims that she is leaving tonight. We can only hope that she does leave and that it's permanent! Good riddance!! We will NOT miss you!
    Apparently she didn't leave (what a shock) or if she did leave, it must have only been for a few hours! LOL.


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    What did you hear in 2 posts

    Quote Originally Posted by RubMaster74  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone dreamed with Zeal lately? I heard she was back around for a short time and I'd love to dream with her again.
    Who are you? Uncle LEO? Kinda suspicious coming in here talking like you have been around for a while with 2 post, both very specific and saying the same thing.

    Here's an idea uncle LEO, build your post count up first. Give yourself the illusion of not being suspicious. Also you might want to pick a girl that is actually active. Zeal had a baby and moved in with somebody. So either you are in here trying to sting one of us or you're trying to cause trouble in her life. Not cool. No one will miss you when you leave this forum. Buh-bye.

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    Has anyone dreamed with Zeal lately? I heard she was back around for a short time and I'd love to dream with her again.

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    Has anyone dreamed with Zeal lately? I seen she is supposedly back for a short time and I'd love to see her again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelmetHead540  [View Original Post]
    Definitely let us know how it goes. Been thinking of dreaming of that one myself.
    She is a Fake. Pics are Fake. She is a black girl who used to post on BP as Delight. Had a dream with her once almost flat chest. No movement of any kind. Had an apartment on Thurston off Williamson. I have been trying for the girl in the ad and today she gave a response and sent her pictures from another number. I got on to her at once because the number and picture came up as Delight on my phone. I recognized her too. She said who would be dumb to post or send real pictures. The only wrong is all Fake Pictures. She doe not seem to have a monkey or any other negatives except a bad lay. I would not repeat. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneEye1  [View Original Post]
    I hear she may be carrying a rather large monkey now. Can anyone confirm if true or not?
    I have no inside information, but I'm pretty sure she's out of the game for now. She stopped advertising for over a month, and she hasn't responded to me by email or a couple different text numbers numbers for several weeks. Anyone familiar with her and her reviews knows she ghosts both regulars and first timers with some frequency, but I think there's more now.

    I last saw her about a month ago, and I have seen her very regularly for close to 2 years. There have been changes over the last few months, noticeably significant weight loss, more than even I would like, and more emotional detachment than usual. Don't know if it's a monkey or physical or mental health issues. Plus no girl does this forever. Maybe it's because her boyfriend now lives locally. But I personally saw no signs of active monkey issues.

    She's taking a break I believe, and surely she deserves it. Hopefully she'll come back, if she is retired, with some issue resolution. Don't know.

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    Had a dream with Kendra this afternoon.

    Kinda disappointed.

    She was quiet. She barely speaks.

    Covered BJ. Then missionary only.

    No touching hardly at all.

    And her pics don't match her. She might be 90 pounds. Seriously. She is so tiny.

    Ok place. Private apt. Wish these girls could get some classes / teaching from some of the past good ladies.

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    She is the same one (Barbie got doll house) reviewed poorly here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Invader30  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone have any reviews or know of any on this one? Thinking about dreaming of her today. Any help is appreciated.


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    I hear she may be carrying a rather large monkey now. Can anyone confirm if true or not?

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    Took the opportunity to visit her the over day. Sweet girl who really tries to please, but she is rough on the eyes. Probably will not repeat unless I am 14 into case.

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    White Diamond and Zeal

    Quote Originally Posted by LuvRoaGirls  [View Original Post]
    He says he's retired. Don't think he gets on here much. He knows his girls though. Told me only girls here are. Faith. White diamond and zeal. Told me the rest are hot and miss.
    Personally can't speak about Faith, but White Diamond and Zeal are definitely worth a visit.

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    Brunette Barbie

    Quote Originally Posted by AllanQ  [View Original Post]
    That is Brunette Barbie, reviews are a bit mixed. I was rather interested until I saw the pic of her sitting on the sink in the red nighty.

    What is the silver spoon looking item there beside her?
    I caught up with her today after finding the reviews. Of course, my luck, she's not in the house I'm Hollins anymore. Drama pushed her out. She's back to sketchy motels. She was flustered today and wasn't very friendly. Apologized for being bitchy but didn't really change her attitude. Went for BBBJ due to funds and reviews. If you're taking advantage of her "specials", expect to not have a GFE. Overall went well though. Great skills. She was in sweatpants and T-shirt. She cut her hair and it's purple now. May repeat in hopes of the GFE she seems to be known for.

    No idea what the silver spoon looking thing could be.

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    About the thief

    Quote Originally Posted by KristyK  [View Original Post]
    I know this is not about me, my backpack is Louis Vuitton and so is my mm tote. Too high end for losers.
    I don't understand your language Kristy, this isn't about you this is about the loser girl that has been stealing from all the guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelmetHead540  [View Original Post]
    Actually recognized her at the mall the other day. And would say she looked pretty amazing in person. While I haven't dreamed of her, I'd like to sometime. I didn't stop to chat, as she appeared to be spending some "getting to know you" time chatting with who appeared to be a fellow monger.
    Been my regular for a couple years now. She never disappoints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BallNut02  [View Original Post]
    Anyone seen her, meeting her at 5 and would like to know if it's good news or bad news?

    Definitely let us know how it goes. Been thinking of dreaming of that one myself.

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