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    Quote Originally Posted by GuapoMarx  [View Original Post]
    I tried once too. Nice clean facility. Had a very attractive woman from the south Pacifc, LMT, who also worked at other legit spas. Good massage and it was over priced. I think she upcharged because she was pretty. Talked about her husband and kids so I did not push for extras.

    You guys up in Milwaukee have plenty to pick from and I never leave town unhappy.
    I stopped in tonight and was turned away. Two girls, both in the midst of doing massages. I was hoping to meet the attractive LMT, but struck out when a hapless, middle aged tip-slave wandered out to tell me they're booked. Her lowly, broken English reminded me of why I dislike AMP's in the first place. Nothing to feel good about.

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    GT, Cindy, and other news

    GT is open but its in zombie mode. Owner is gone, phone disconnected, one girl there. As for Cindy, there is one at every AMP. Remember the one who owned Kings on Hwy 100? I'm sure the one at 126th gets propositioned a lot and advertising on BP and CL will get men in the door. Are. O. Is a legit place with licensed therapists. They are used to handling difficult customers. When someone says they almost got a BBBJ. Well haven't we all almost got one? Never had FS at a MKE AMP but it is available from time to time with the independent providers who work out of hotel rooms, apartments or homes. Usually they do not do this regularly but its more up to them if they are in the mood. Like the Port Mom. If she liked you it was all about her and her good time.

    Everyone in the business reads this board. One of the tricks the girls use is they use multiple names. Sometime they change them every month. Some change them with every customer. Some change when they move to a new location. Kind of a little trick of the trade to see who is posting.

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    92nd and cap-cindy?

    Well now I'm confused. I called the place on 126 to get ahold of Cindy. Explained I saw her at 92nd. The girl says we don't have any other locations. OK. ? I go back to 92nd today without calling and same (Cindy) as last time I was there. She did not ask for tip ahead this time. I've been to a handful of massage girls that don't offer he and I must say this woman is good if not better then them. Yes she is not young or new. But she aims to please. Fiv, motorboating and I almost got a BBBJ today. She was telling me how nice my body is and really got into it. . 6 for hr and. 4 for tip. I'll repeat next time I'm super tight. Yesterday was my birthday and I struck out so I went back here because last time it was a success just like this time. Going to try for FS next time.

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    Old reliable - 144

    Had a little extra time last night, and $$, and decided to stop in somewhere. Was thinking about trying 113/ G or 92/ L based on recent reviews, but I didn't have that much time (coming from the far western burbs). I decided not to try anything new and just stop in at 144 again -- never had a bad time there, though the last visit was last year late summer or fall sometime.

    At first, I thought I'd waited too long, especially as I realized they haven't been mentioned here in a while. Didn't recognize my greeter or masseuse (Judy. Confirmed twice and she said yes). Did an hour at 60; Judy left the door open part way when she started (annoying and been a bad sign elsewhere), and she moved my hands from under my head to down at my sides (uh-oh) -- I hadn't even tried roaming. The massage was ok, not much teasing. (uh-oh) On the flip however, she looked right at it smiled and said, "yes?" Yes please! (no mention of tip).

    She went right to work with both hands and did some weird blowing thing, just making blowing noises into the air. (WTF?) She allowed roaming then (but was wearing jeans), and under the top here nipples were rock hard. Took one of the gumdrops in my mouth and she started breathing normal again -- well, kind of heavy. And a few minutes later, done. Towel off, into table shower. Left a 50 tip.

    P.S. Saw some bad reports on Port mom. Just wanted to register a decent experience last November. It was more GFE than massage: DFK, DATY (shaved), uncovered FS. She smelled great, was coherent and conversational and I had a good time. Would see her again, but is so damn far. $.

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    Has anyone been to either place in Germantown lately? Is the 1 on pilgrim still closed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bshale  [View Original Post]
    So I started getting into this about a year ago. I had read a lot of reviews, and thought I was ready. I tried out Water Street. It seemed like a sure thing. Struck out.

    Since then I've tried a lot of the asian places, and always a great time. Never strike out. Easy peasy.

    Thought I'd give Water Street another chance. Struck out again! I'm so confused. Great reviews. I've been there before. Maybe the relaxation massage isn't the one to ask for?

    Anyone got any advice? I'd love to give it another chance. Really like the girls there. I'd like it to be a regular place if I could just crack the code haha.
    Maybe they think you are LEO. Nobody likes that guy LEO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHand  [View Original Post]
    Blackmail is a little much, but this guy being a private dick might not be. Simple solution to seeing a guy with a camera is tell the mamasan he'll never come back.
    Will she get the AMP mafia to break his balls?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twisted45  [View Original Post]
    I have been to the AMP off of West green field was OK massage. Got HJ and got to roam tipped 50. I am looking for an AMP that does good bbj though. Anyone have any good leads.
    Take a stroll down Lincoln and I'm sure you can find a SW that would do it for 30 no tip.

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    Where to find BBBJ at AMP

    I have been to the AMP off of West green field was OK massage. Got HJ and got to roam tipped 50. I am looking for an AMP that does good bbj though. Anyone have any good leads.

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    I was in west bend so I decided to try lavender again. Was greated by mamasan and directed me to a room. She came in about 10 minutes later, tried to drap me I said Iwas hot so she left it off. Pretty good massage no teasing though. I did roam a bit before the flip. On the flip she oiled my upper legs and started to rub them. That lasted about 3 minutes before I grabbed her hand trued to put it on my cock. She said no you do it. Ok I've been down this road before. So SS for a bit then told her I needed help so she placed her hand on mine. I tried to slip my hand away and put her hand on it but she jept on saying no, which sucks because this worked there in the past. So in the end no finish but a pretty good massage.

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    92nd / L

    This place has been really busy lately. Can only get a 40 min instead of the usual hour. I had the pleasure of being serviced by the younger one this time around. Talk about customer service! Good massage, HE was a given. She noticed that I liked when she teased my asshole, so she asked if she could put a finger in. Of course I said yes. She left for a minute and came back with a rubber glove. She fingered my ass while delivering an awesome HJ.

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    Taking pictures

    I have been to the AMP on 92nd and cap and across the hall is a dentist office. If someone asked me where I was I would say none of your business but if you have to know I was at my dentist and move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackel000  [View Original Post]
    He's probably looking to blackmail people. Get his license plate.
    Blackmail is a little much, but this guy being a private dick might not be. Simple solution to seeing a guy with a camera is tell the mamasan he'll never come back.

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    138 grn

    I want to the place across from Lily today. Before any excitement happen she asked for a tip. When she doing that wasn't good enough she proceeded to rub my feet and that's all. So I made sure to use all that time. And to leave no tip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveDream  [View Original Post]
    And if my girl does see it, should would ask me how the massage was and be grateful because she didn't have to give me the hr massage. LOL
    Anyways, thanks for the info. Maybe park down the street a bit and walk there.
    I personally NEVER park in the AMP lot. I park about a block or two away and walk, of course AFTER I do my due diligence by checking out the area for anyone that might the staking out the AMP, just like that guy.

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